7+ Ways to Use …Quotations in the Language Classroom (Teaching Tips)

  1. Display quotes as posters on your classroom wall for motivation, inspiration, and regular exposure to the target language (TL). 
  2. Use quotes as prompts for writing practice. Ask your students to write about “What does it mean to you?” “How can you apply it to your own life?”.
  3. Encourage your students to paraphrase or summarise the quotes into their own words. 
  4. Use quotes as conversation starters for speaking practice (See sample questions in tip #2).
  5. Encourage your students to come up with their own quotes in the TL to be shared for discussion and peer correction.
  6. Make it a habit to embed quotes of authentic sayings, proverbs, and passages in your teaching material design and writing. 
  7. Use quotes as authentic reading material to contextualise specific vocabulary and language items you are planning to teach. 
  8. Use quotes to create a continuous immersive language experience in the classroom by frequently displaying a “Quote of the Week” or “Quote of the Day”.

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