Thank you for stopping by. My name is Mourad Diouri (مراد الديوري) and this is my personal space to share my reflections, ideas, resources publications and anything related to teaching and learning Arabic, teacher-training and personal development.

I’m an author, teaching fellow (2012-Present) and eLearning lecturer (2007-2012) in Arabic language studies at the Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Dpt at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Selected Publications

More publications

Over the course of my teaching career and outreach work, I have been very fortunate for my work to be awarded and recognised by my employers and external bodies. While these awards act as positive reinforcements, they have also strengthened my convictions in many areas of my teaching practice, pedagogy, the use of technology in language teaching as well as outreach work.

Since 2007, I have delivered numerous Keynote Speeches, Conference Presentations, Seminars & Workshops. For Teacher-Training Courses & Workshops:

  • 6 keynote lectures/talks (5 as invited keynote speaker & 1 event organiser) 
  • 9 public lectures/talks (for public engagement and KE) 
  • 3 media interviews
  • 4 widening participation workshops (for school pupils in Scottish-based schools) 
  • 23 conference presentation& seminars

The themes of the presentations are mainly related to: language learning & teaching, educational technology, Arabic language and the impact of Arabic on European languages. 

Over the past 12 years, I have continuously contributed to staff training and professional development locally within Scotland, nationally and internationally. The training I delivered is mainly focused on the effective use of educational technology in language education, which is targeted to teachers of MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) and LCTL (Less commonly Taught Languages).

  • To date, I’ve designed and delivered 29 events/workshops (in total):
    • 2-4h training: 9 events
    • 1-day training: 12 events
    • 2-day training: 7 events
    • 4-day training: 1 event
  • Delivered to 490 participants (primarily teachers) including:
    • 15 students enrolled on MSc Advanced Arabic
    • 23 colleagues/language teachers from LLC (IMES, DELC & Asian Studies)

I have worked in collaboration with and have done consultancy work for the following clients nationwide within the UK and internationally:

Academic & Education Institutions

Media, Publishing Houses & Other

  • [2019-21] Senior HEA Fellow (SFHEA), Higher Education Academy (On-going Application)
  • [2007-Present] Registered HEA Practitioner/Fellow, Higher Education Academy
  • [2007-Present] Registered Practitioner, Staff & Educational Development Association
  • [2008-2009] Editorial Board Member, eLearning Conference, U. of Plymouth
  • [2009-1011] Associate Member, e-Assessment Association
  • [2009-2012] Associate Member, The eLearning Guild

I have worked with numerous educational institutions as a teacher-trainer, consultant and external advisor providing consultancy on the Arabic language and culture education, quality assurance, teacher-training in Arabic language education and incorporating technology into language education.  

Validation Panel Member & External Advisor (Educational Technology)

  • UK Open University Validation Services/ Arab Open University, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan     2010-Present: Validating and examining the degree MEd Instructional Technology) taught at the Arab Open University branches in Jordan, Oman & Kuwait.

External Advisor & Consultant (Arabic Language Teaching, Language Assessment & eLearning)

  • [2017-Present] The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School (Independent School), UK
  • [2016-Present] Oundle School (Independent School), UK
  • [2014-16] Charles Letts & Co. Ltd                                             
  • [2011] Consultant on the BBC Drama Series “Spooks”, BBC Spooks Limited, London, UK
  • [2010-11] eLearning Consultant/Instructional Material Developer, SSAT (Specialist Schools and Academies Trust), UK                                                        

Chief External Examiner  [2018 – Present] 

  • UK Open University/ Arab Open University,                                                  
  • Consulting, moderating and examining the PG degree “MEd Instructional Technology” taught at the Arab Open University branches in Jordan, Oman & Kuwait .

External Verifier [2019 – Present]

  • Scottish Qualifications Authority                                                                                    
  • Customised Award (Arabic Language)

Language Assessor & External Examiner   [2014-Present]

  • Ministry of Defence (MoD) / Language Services Direct
  • Language Assessment of Spoken Gulf Arabic

External Examiner [2014-15]                                         

  • Aston University, UK                                                                                          
  • External examination of the University’s Arabic Language Programme