Musings on Teachers Being Mad!

Teachers should be mad from time to time.

Being mad means …

… being creative, innovative, and inventive

… being a rebel

… acting and thinking outside the box

… breaking the rules occasionally

… coming up with ideas, practices, and approaches that were never tested before

… being brave to try something new that might or might not work

… acting from “What if”

… stepping back and asking oneself “What if there is a simpler and better way to teach?”

… being spontaneous, unplanned, and off-the-cuff

ditching that textbook (1) and creating your own unique teaching resources

… ditching that lesson plan to attend to your students’ questions and needs

… being an artful educator (2)

… being experimental, unorthodox, and unconventional from time to time

… being playful by nurturing a playful learning environment

… taking creative risks

… embracing failures as valuable learning opportunities

… being courageous to be rubbish (3)

… embracing imperfection

… challenging the status quo

putting yourself on the hook (4)

… being fearless, daring, and venturous

Being a MAD teacher means being able to Make A Difference to your students

Being mad is a good thing after all!

Being a mad teacher means being able to Make A Difference (MAD) to your students


(1) Ditch That Textbook: Free Your Teaching and Revolutionize Your Classroom, by Matt Miller (2015)

(2) The Artful Educator: Creative, Imaginative and Innovative Approaches to Teaching, by Sue Cowley (2017)

(3) Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, by Greg McKeown (2014)

(4) Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? How to drive your career and create a remarkable future, by Seth Godin (2018)

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