Participants Testimonials | Teacher-Training Workshop (4 Jun 2016)

BATJ Workshop 4th June 2016 

How are you finding the workshop so far?

  1. Enjoyable one you know how to do.
  2. Very enjoyable and worthwhile.  
  3. Learnt lots of new tricks
  4. 大変参考になりました。ありがとうございました。very helpful. Thank you very much.
  5. Hands on activities have been very useful. It’s very inspiring.
  6.  Thank you very much. Learned about useful resources in detail Learnt something new
  7. . It has been very useful, lots of new things to try over summer to be ready for September.
  8. I learned so many new things
  9. Plenty of useful resources and information. Very useful (Quizlet in particular + the Arabic lessons). Shukran Jazillan!
  10. It has been great to learn so many interesting things. 
  11. I would like to use Quizlet in my teaching.  
  12. Very useful, will use it more, but it takes practice & time!
  13. Using IT in language classes gives a new dimension to the learning experience, so would like to utilise it more.
  14. Great fun. Shall use the ideas when school starts.
  15. Word cloud looks fun
  16. We learned a different types of vocabulary learning activities together with the samples. It was good to actually observe samples rather than just given a list of activities.

Dear Mourad-sensei, Belated Ramdan Kareem! Thank you very much for your warm message. I truly enjoyed your lecture last Saturday. It was a lot of fun as well as instructive. I have started using Quizlet at my lesson right after your lecture at school. (My students already used it….) I am also trying to introduce many of your teaching techniques and ideas into my lesson, which make me more motivated and amused to teach Japanese. With warm regards,

ناومي Harrow School / Zayed University (UAE)

Dear Mr Doiuri, Thank you very much for the session last Saturday and further information related to the workshop. I learned so many invaluable things from your lecture and workshop. It was great to learn what they were and acquire how to do. I will explore how much I could incorporate them into our lessons. I am very glad to have attended the session. If you are planning to run any training courses about teaching language with technology in the future, could you please let me know? Also, I would appreciate it if you could navigate me to any on-line forums or mailing-lists which language instructors share or exchange tips and skills for using technology. I am toying with an idea to be a learning technologist, if possible, so I would like to gain and keep up my knowledge and skills. Thank you again for the session. Best regards,