7 Core Skills to Develop when Teaching Languages Online

If you’re a language teacher using technology, keep this “Skills Pyramid” in mind … Both technical know-how and pedagogical knowledge are key skills to acquire and nurture in today’s technology-driven education. Skills Pyramid (Hampel & Stickler 2005)

  1. ICT competence
  2. Specific technical competence for the software
  3. Dealing with constraints and possibilities of the medium 
  4. Facilitating communicative competence 
  5. Online socialisation  
  6. Creativity & choice 
  7. Own style 

Skills Pyramid (Hampel & Stickler 2005)

Source: Hampel, R. & Stickler, U. (2005). New Skills for new classrooms. Training tutors to teach languages online. In CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning). 18 (4). pp. 311 – 326.

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