A wee Introduction to Arabic Letters | Using English Words & Rhymes

1Letter Bā’ (ب)“Baa, Baa black sheep, Have you any wool?
2Letter Tā’ (ت)“The Arabic alphabet is so friendly… “
3Letter Jīm (ج)“If you want to get in shape… “
4Letter Dāl (د)“I’m a children’s author …”
5Letter Rā’ (ر)“The animals went in two by two …”
6Letter Sīn (س)“Haven’t seen you in while …”
7Letter Sīn (س)“Have you seen the crime scene?
8Letter Shīn (ش)“He is an American actor….
9Letter Shīn (ش)“I’m Charlie ___ and the only thing I’m addicted to …”
10Letter Sād (ص)“Sod is another synonym for turf
11Letter ʿayn (ع)“Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
12Letter Ghayn (غ)“As the saying goes : No pain, no gain
13Letter Rā’ (غ)“There’s a well-known river in Europe …”
14Letter Kāf (ك)A baby cow is called a calf
15Letter Lām (ل)“Mary had a little lamb …
16Letter Mīm (م)“I was a meme like the letter before the Internet!”
17Letter Mīm (م)“Arabic has all the best memes
18Letter Nūn (ن)“I like to take my afternoon naps
19Letter Wāw (و)“When I saw you, I was like wow!

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