Similar Sounding Letters in Arabic | Pronunciation Training Resource


The following is a comprehensive set of pronunciation drills of similar-sounding Arabic letters which highlight the contrast between strong/emphatic and light/non-emphatic sounds in Arabic. The examples in these drills are arranged in pairs and might sound very similar in pronunciation. Notice the different meanings of these words in the numbered “Key to Vocabulary ” without the need to memorise them at this stage.

How to use this resource?

  1. Practice reading these words aloud multiple times
  2. Pay close attention to the subtle difference in pronunciation between the letters/sounds in the right vs. the left column.
  3. Pair up with a study partner or a native speaker and practise reading the words together.
  4. Note down which sounds you are finding difficult and which ones require more practice. Discuss them with your teacher.


 Emphatic vs. Non-Emphatic Sounds
set #01Similar-Sounding Letters (أ vs. ع)
set #02Similar-Sounding Letters (ت vs. ط)
set #03Similar-Sounding Letters ( ث vs. س)
set #04Similar-Sounding Letters ( ث vs. ص)
set #05Similar-Sounding Letters ( ح vs. ه)
set #06Similar-Sounding Letters ( ح vs. ع)
set #07Similar-Sounding Letters ( خ vs. غ)
set #08Similar-Sounding Letters ( د vs. ض)
set #09Similar-Sounding Letters ( ذ vs. ظ)
set #10Similar-Sounding Letters ( ذ vs. ز)
set #11Similar-Sounding Letters ( ز vs. ظ )
set #12Similar-Sounding Letters ( ز vs. س )
set #13Similar-Sounding Letters ( س vs.ص)
set #14Similar-Sounding Letters ( ك vs. ق)
 Coming Soon
 Similar Sounding Letters: The Case of Alif “أ”
Set #15Similar Sounding Letters: The Case of Alif (ا vs. أ)
Set #16Similar Sounding Letters: The Case of Alif (آ vs. أ)
 Similar Sounding Letters: The Case of Waaw “و”
Set #17Similar Sounding Letters: Consonant و vs. Vowel و
 Similar Sounding Letters: The Case of Yaa’ “ي”
Set #18Similar Sounding Letters: Consonant ي vs. Vowel ي
Set #19Similar Sounding Letters: Double يّ vs. Single ي
 Short vs. Long Vowels
Set #20Short vs. Long Vowels (Fatha vs. Alif.)
Set #21Short vs. Long Vowels (Kasra vs. Yaa’)
Set #22Short vs. Long Vowels (Damma vs, Waaw)
 Short Single vs. Double Consonant
Set #23Similar Sounding Consonants: Single vs. Double

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