Speaking Portfolio

Keynote Speeches, Conference Presentations, Seminars & Workshops. For Teacher-Training Courses & Workshops, go to: Teacher-Training

Since 2007 until now, I have delivered:

  • 6 keynote lectures/talks (5 as invited keynote speaker & 1 event organiser) 
  • 9 public lectures/talks (for public engagement and KE) 
  • 3 media interviews
  • 4 widening participation workshops (for school pupils in Scottish-based schools) 
  • 23 conference presentation& seminars

The themes of the presentations were in: language learning, educational technology, Arabic language and the impact of Arabic on European languages. 


EdArabFest Director’s Opening Speech

  • 2015 Edinburgh Arab Festival (The Fringe)
  • LLC, U. of Edinburgh
  • 28-29 Aug 2015

The Potential of Visuals and Social Photo-Sharing and networking for learners and teachers in today’s digital education 

  • Keynote Lecture
  • Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Centre, U. of Qatar
  • Jan 2013

Keynote Speech, Book Launch of (Write & Read Arabic Script: Teach Yourself Series) (John Murray ltd) by Mourad Diouri

  • Blackwell’s Bookshop Edinburgh
  • Organised by CASAW (Centre of the Advanced Study of the Arab World), U. of Edinburgh
  • Nov 2011

Let’s Learn Arabic Together: Using emerging social networking tools in teaching and learning Arabic

  • Conference Keynote Speech,
  • Conference (Blended & Mobile Learning: Potential & Challenges)
  • Arab Open University, Oman
  • Dec 2010

Islam’s Contribution to Scotland                                                                

  • Keynote speech for the launch of (The Arab Community in Scotland) report
  • Fife Arabic Society, Fife, Scotland
  • Apr 2008

Modern Educational Strategies and Technologies: The Potential of Audio-Visual Libraries (فنون وأسالیب التعلیم عن طریق التقنیات الحدیثة: قیمة المكتبات السمعیة البصریة)

  • Keynote Speech
  • Conference (ARABELE 2009 International Congress on Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language)
  • Casa Árabe-Instituto Internacional de Estudios Árabes y del Mundo Musulmán, Madrid, Spain
  • Oct 2009

PUBLIC LECTURES (Widening Participation & Knowledge Exchange) 

MEDIA INTERVIEWS (live & recorded) 

AlJazeera Live Broadcast of the Opening Speech & Ceremony of the Edinburgh Arab Festival 

  • Opening Speech
  • LLC, U. of Edinburgh
  • The opening ceremony of the festival was broadcasted live on the channel “AlJazeera Live”
  • 28-29 Sep 2015

BBC Arabic Radio Interview (Edinburgh Arab Festival) 

  • Live Radio Interview
  • Recorded interview (w/ BBC World Service & BBC Arabic)
  • BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals, U. of Edinburgh
  • 28-29 Sep 2015

Media Live Radio Discussion (You Already Speak Arabic: Islam’s Contribution to European Languages)

  • Invited Guest Speaker in a live radio show
  • BBC Arabic Xtra Show (BBC Radio Scotland)
  • The media interview was a discussion based on the Edinburgh Festival event “You Already Speak Arabic: Islam’s Contribution to European Languages” which I delivered for the “Islam Festival”.
  • Thurs 27 Aug 2009


You Already Speak Arabic! : Why is it Important to Learn a Second Language?                    

  • Open Day Workshop, Widening Participation For School Pupils,
  • Loretto School (Organised by Al-Waleed Centre, U. of Edinburgh)
  • Jul 2011

You Already Speak Arabic! : Arabic Influence On World Languages                

  • Public Speech/Workshop, Languages Awareness Day,
  • of Aston, Birmingham
  • Apr 2011

You Already Speak Arabic!: Calligraphy Exhibition & Workshop 

  • Audience: Delegation of college students from Saudi Arabia
  • Organised in collaboration with Master Iraqi Calligrapher Jawdat Khadim
  • LLC, U. of Edinburgh
  • Organised by Al-Waleed Centre, UoE
  • 15 Jul 2017

You Already Speak Arabic!: Public Exhibition 

  • Organised in collaboration with Fife Arab Society, Scotland
  • Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh
  • 14 Jan 2007


A Conversation with Prominent Arabists: Live Video Conference

  • Speakers: (1) Mr. Leslie McLoughlin (The Royal Interpreter, Arabist & Scholar U. of Exeter)
  • Speaker (2) Dr. Paula Santillán Grimm (Lecturer in Arabic & Translation, U. of Pompeu Fabra)
  • IMES, U. of Edinburgh
  • 28 Sep 2018

Book Launch Event (Essential Arabic Vocabulary: Teach Yourself Arabic Series) (John Murray ltd) by Mourad Diouri 

  • 2015 Edinburgh Arab Festival (The Fringe)
  • LLC, U. of Edinburgh
  • 29 Aug 2015

Live Interpreting & Commentary for a Calligraphy Workshop by Master Calligrapher Haji Noor Deen 

  • Live Interpreting & Commentary (Arabic to English)
  • 18 Aug 2015
  • Edinburgh Book Festival
  • Organised by The Alwaleed Centre, U. of Edinburgh 

You Already Speak Arabic!: Arabic Loanwords in European Languages                                 

  • Presentation & Exhibition, Inaugural Arab Cultural Open Day
  • of Aberdeen
  • 9 May 2012

Intensive Language Workshop/Taster Class on Islamic-Arabic (x3 Events) 

  • Open to the public
  • Location 1: Al-Andalus Centre, Glasgow | 7 Jan 2012
  • Location 2: MYF Foundation, Manchester | 30 Dec 2011
  • Location 3: The Hubb, Birmingham | 29 Dec 2011

You Already Speak Arabic! : Islam’s Contribution to European Languages                

  • Public Speech
  • Islam Festival, Edinburgh International Arts Festival (Central Edinburgh Mosque)
  • 25 Aug 2009

Islam’s Contribution To The World: English Words of Arabic Origin                

  • Public Lecture
  • Islamic Society, U. of Edinburgh
  • Feb 2009


2015Learner Centred and Communicative Learning: Putting it into Practice (The case of Arabic) 

  • Conference Presentation, 8th Annual Conference for Arabic Language and Culture
  • British Council, London
  • Mar 2015

2013Using Technology in Teaching Foreign Language 

  • Conference Presentation, 7th Annual Conference for Arabic Language and Culture
  • British Council, London
  • Nov 2013

2011Revolution 2.0: The Power of Social Media & Networking in the Arab Revolutions

  • Research Seminar
  • IMES, U. of Edinburgh
  • Sep 2011

How to Mingle the Web2.0 Way: Maximising the Potential of Language Learning Using Emerging Web2.0 Technologies          

  • Conference Presentation, eLearning 2.0 Conference
  • of Brunel
  • Jul 2011

Daily Micro-Blogging Using Innovative Web 2.0 Tools To Improver Writing Skills                 

  • Conference Presentation, “Enhancing Business Performance: The Role of Technology in Developing Skills”
  • JISC, Edinburgh
  • Feb 2011

2010eTAFL (e-Teaching of Arabic as a Foreign Language):Modernising the way we learn and teach Arabic    

  • Conference Presentation, Arabic Language & The Internet
  • Temimi Foundation in Tunis & CASAW, Tunis
  • Dec 2010

Top 10 Secrets of e-Language Learners                                                                           

  • Induction Session, Induction Week
  • IMES, U. of Edinburgh
  • Sep 2010

Blended CPD in Essential eLearning Skills for Foreign Language Teachers: Are we prepared for our digital students?             

  • Conference Presentation, Languages for the 21st century: Training, impact and influence,
  • Higher Education Academy, LLAS, U. of Sheffield
  • Sep 2010

Technology-Enhanced Language Learning from a Student Perspective                                  

  • Conference Presentation, elearning@ed 2010: The Student Perspective,
  • of Edinburgh
  • Apr 2010

Empowering Arabic Language Learning & Teaching with Educational Technology  

  • Conference Plenary Session, Arabic Language & Culture in Schools
  • British Council, UK
  • Mar 2010

Technology-Enhanced Foreign Language Learning & Teaching                                               

  • Seminar, “e-Learning Roadshow”
  • of Edinburgh
  • Feb 2010

2009Visual e-Lingua: How to empower new e-Learning technologies to support visual based learning of COLT languages  

  • Conference Presentation, Community and Lesser Taught Languages
  • of Manchester
  • Nov 2009

Revolutionising The Way We Learn And Teach Arabic: Tapping On Web-Based Tools And Technologies            

  • Conference Presentation & Paper, ARABELE 2009 International Congress on Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language
  • of Murcia, Madrid, Spain
  • Sep 2009

Moving from “Chalk & Talk” to “Surf & Connect”: Blended eLearning of Arabic Language Education in HE        

  • Conference Presentation, Blended Learning Conference 2009
  • of Hertfordshire
  • Jun 2009

Language Learning 2.0 in Action: Web 2.0 Tools To Enhance Language Learning                

  • Conference Presentation, Plymouth eLearning Conference 2009
  • of Plymouth
  • Apr 2009

eLearning Technologies To Support Foreign Language Leaning In The Classroom And Beyond

  • Conference Presentation, Arabic Language and Culture in Schools Conference
  • British Council
  • Mar 2009

2008Language Education in the Digital Age:  eLearning Technologies and Resources to Enhance Arabic Education

  • Research Seminar
  • Al-Maktoum Institute For Arabic and Islamic Studies, U. of Dundee
  • Oct 2008

Moving Beyond ‘Chalk and Talk’: Blended e-Arabic Learning and Teaching               

  • Conference Presentation, Languages of the Wider World: Valuing Diversity
  • SOAS, U. of London
  • Sep 2008

Beyond Traditional Learning: Using Virtual Realia For Innovative Language Learning And Teaching

  • Conference Paper & Presentation
  • of Plymouth e-Learning Conference
  • Apr 2008

e-Learning : Enhanced Learning of the Arabic Language            

  • Conference Presentation, Arabic on Campus and Beyond Conference
  • CASAW (Centre of the Advanced Study of the Arab World), U. of Edinburgh
  • Apr 2008

2007e-Learning and e-Teaching of the Arabic language: Benefits and Opportunities                    

  • Presentation
  • CASAW (Centre of the Advanced Study of the Arab World), U. of Edinburgh
  • Oct 2007

Innovative Approaches in Teaching Arabic in HE                                                

  • Event Presentation & Poster, Learning and Teaching Day
  • of East Anglia
  • Jul 2007

Why study languages? How Can Languages Work for You?                                         

  • Conference Presentation, Widening Participation Conference
  • of East Anglia, UK
  • Jul 2007

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