• Teach Yourself: Read & Write Arabic Script [WORKBOOK]
  • Publication Date: TBC
  • Publisher: Teach Yourself; 2 edition
  • Language: English, Arabic


Teach Yourself: Essential Arabic Vocabulary: A Handbook of Core Terms

  • Publication Date: 18 Jun. 2015
  • Publisher: Teach Yourself; Bilingual edition
  • Language: English, Arabic
  • Get it from:Amazon UK | Amazon USGoodReads

Internet Arabic: Essential Middle Eastern Vocabularies (w/ MP3 CD) 


  • Arabic Vocabulary Flashcard Sets
  • Audio Children’s Stories (24 Stories)
  • eLearning Resources: Audio/visual digital flashcards for the following publications (Edinburgh University Press):
    • Security Arabic: Essential Middle Eastern Vocabularies (2012) | Amazon UK
    • Media Arabic: Essential Middle Eastern Vocabularies (2012) | Amazon UK
    • Media Persian: Essential Middle Eastern Vocabularies (2011) | Amazon UK
    • Internet Arabic,  Essential Middle Eastern Vocabularies (2012) | Amazon UK
  • One Minute Arabic Podcast Course


  • Diouri, M. (2010), Blending the Old and New Ways of Teaching Tools: Revolutionizing Traditional Arabic Language Learning & Teaching
  • ARABELE 2009 International Congress on Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language, Spain
  • Diouri, M. (2009), A Taste Of The Arabic Language, Liaison Magazine, Volume 3, Language, Linguistics& Studies, Higher Education Academy
  • Diouri, M. (2009), A Job Like Mine (Carving a career in eLearning), eLearning Age Magazine
  • Diouri, M. (2009), 4 Ts (Top Ten Tips To) Improve Your Language Learning Skills Abroad, eZine Articles,

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